He does not shy away from her touch, not now, the morning the Stark retainers are going off to fight Black Walder Frey’s men, going off to scorch the snake’s nest to keep little Walda Frey on her seat. His intent is to sack the Riverlands again, and with children occupying half the lordships in the Trident, it falls to the little bird, the de facto head of House Tully, to respond. 

Which means it is his duty to once again act as her Commander, to help protect her mother’s lands as he had helped her win back her father’s. 

(Sansa already gave him her favor the night before. But he does not scoff when she pulls a ribbon from her hair and ties it around the leather strap securing his pauldron, cups the burned half of his face. Calls him ‘love’ in the company of others, when she should not.)

This is the first time they will be parted, as lovers, by the war. His lady is sadder, but wiser, and the Warden of the North; Lady Stark can only show her affections, but not her fear, in the face of any of her men, him most of all. 

He will show her the same courtesy. 

"I promise." 

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a happily-ever-after for Sansa and Sandor

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fic: Until There Comes Another
chapter: Seven
fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
pairing/characters (this chapter): Sansa Stark, Sandor Clegane, Stranger
rating: M
summary: Sansa and Sandor talk some, think a lot, reach the village, blah blah, I UPDATED!

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Anonymous asked: I just had a thought...If they literally kill Sandor on the show, like don't even give a chance of the gravedigger theory, then doesn't that mean that D&D know that Sandor will never be coming back in later books? And that would also mean SanSan really never will be endgame? (my heart dies at the last question). Or also maybe D&D know that SanSan isn't endgame therefore never included much of it in the show? TELL ME I'M WORNG!!!!!!

GRRM has stated that D&D have already screwed themselves over by not including Willas Tyrell, so I wouldn’t put any stock into what happens on the show indicating anything that’s going to happen in the books. 

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the knotted root of sorrow (ao3 | ff.net)
rated t | wc ~5,000 | tw: miscarriage, underage 
It is Sandor who looms over her when she kneels to receive her brother, accompanied by Ser Davos and Shaggydog, who is monstrous and black, green eyes shining out from behind a wide set skull and a flop of wild fur. Rickon is eight, and does not remember her. 
It is Sandor who stands with her as she tries to untangle the knots that tie her down to the past in the bones of her home, when at last her pack returns to her. Post ADWD. Future fic.

Happy birthday, Jess! I love you, big sister! 

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needlework and seedlingsin the way you’re walkingto me from the timbersfaded from the winter

needlework and seedlings
in the way you’re walking
to me from the timbers
faded from the winter

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Sansa and Sandor in the Season 4 trailer [x]

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and when I go to bed tonight, I will dream a sweet dream, and when I wake there will be dogs barking, women gossiping beside the well, swords ringing in the yard. And later there will be a feast, with music and dancing. It is my dream of spring.”

(A future where Sansa and Arya install Rickon as Lord of Winterfell and keep the North as their homes, and are free to marry who they choose and live how they choose. Sansa, of course, chooses the man who helped her escape Littlefinger and the Lannisters once and for all, and who faced the flames not just once for her, but twice, and led her to slay the giant Ser Robert Strong.)

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If you let my soul out, it will come right back to you

we have lingered in the chambers of the sea
by sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown

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